Kathy Bisbee


Collabortating with Community Media Centers

Community Media and Maker Communities Unite! Many maker spaces could benefit from partnerships with community media centers and vice-versa (community media centers = aka public, educational and government access television). Many community media centers have technical staff who are DIY-oriented, capital funding for equipment, existing systems for managing memberships and equipment reservations, and have staff, members and volunteers who are maker-ready and making already. This session could find programs and partnerships to bridge media makers with physical and technology maker communities and vice-versa. Speakers: Community media executive directors. Kathy Bisbee is the executive director of Brookline Interactive Group (BIG), a community media arts center, and the co-founder/director of the Public VR Lab, where she and her team are building an empowered Community VR movement that values accessibility, digital inclusion, and diversity in the XR field and in traditional community-based media making and filmmaking.

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