Casey Weber McCarty


Makerhoods: Rebuilding Neighborhoods with the Maker Movement

This presentation was given as a keynote in Cleveland last fall. Makerspaces can serve as powerful community resources; spurring economic activity in developing neighborhoods, providing critical support for small business and entrepreneurship, engaging youth and underrepresented populations. Scaling a sustainable Makerspace, however, can be a challenge, requiring significant community support and investment. When these efforts are properly supported, the return to the neighborhood is often significant and - more importantly - tangible: job creation, entrepreneurial support, expanded technology and talent, and a unique experiential engagement for residents and visitors, including K-12 Makers. Learn how a public-private partnership helped bring one of the nation's largest Makerspaces to a developing neighborhood. Presented by Casey McCarty, COO of the Idea Foundry, and Jack Storey, Executive Director of the Franklinton Urban Empowerment Lab.

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