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Diversity and Inclusion Track

The Nation of Makers is a nation of individuals. We are proposing a track lead by experts that will showcase how NoM is dedicated to the ideals of diversity & inclusion. Speaker topics and workshops would include "Guiding principles of our maker movement," "Diversity upgrades for your makerspace," "How to reach more members," "Creating accessible spaces," "Principles of Accessible Design," "How to communicate elegantly about inclusion/diversity issues," "How to integrate inclusion/diversity into your NoM community," and more. It is important to be the rising tide that lifts our nation. With that in mind, the goal of this track is to communicate our diversity and inclusion principles to NoM members and then educate everyone on how they can champion these ideals at the local level. For more information, please email or you can also reach us on the NoM slack channel #culture_inclusivity

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Leah Hanes (Maker)

Equity, diversity and inclusion are extremely important. At Two Bit Circus Foundation we strive to provide all demographics with access to STEAM education and materials, whether they are able to afford it or we have to get grants to make it possible. Interest and advancement in these subjects start at a very young age. Every child should have the opportunity to advance and learn the problem solving/critical thinking skills that traditional education is struggling to provide.

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joey ficklin (Maker)

I would love to discuss what we have done in Austin. Our focus is specific to Digital Inclusion: how bridging the technology gap effects inclusion overall. Includes the City, Corporate stakeholders, Community advocates. Etc.

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Jackie Moore (Maker)

Equity should also be a major focus for I believe that is the core value that drives diversity and inclusion. - Jackie Moore, Illinois

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